SHUTTERS DOWN! second edition – 25.02.17

January 21, 2017 Published by

An experimental club night celebrating urban wilderness and the repurposing of derelict space, this is an ongoing, irregular and shapeshifting event, taking place in unusual locations across the UK and beyond.

As part of her residency in the Rifle Range at Somerset House Studios, LoneLady brings the second edition of Shutters Down! from Manchester to London. Rarely accessible to the public, The Deadhouse is a subterranean space beneath the Somerset House courtyard housing a number of seventeeth century gravestones from a former chapel located on the site.

Titled ‘Transmissions From A Wilderness State Of Mind’ , LoneLady will transform The Deadhouse into an atmospheric installation, and will be playing a selection of music shaped by post-industrial landscapes.

Her guests will be JOHN DORAN (The Quietus) (DJ SET)  – music writer and co-founder of influential culture website The Quietus and VANISHING (LIVE SET) – new avant-noise/spoken word project borne out of Islington Mill, Salford with a new album forthcoming on acclaimed experimental label Tombed Visions.

in a superstitious return  – I fled to the luminous outskirts  – to recover – in music, in landscape, in magic transformations –  grainy treasures –  and a place to belong


strange quests

bountiful collage of atmospheres and scrap / seance territory / understands / transformation of rubble / a place of grazed knees  and inventions / is a land lost / a dream I have lived in / a luminous kingdom / an outpost at the edges /

disorder / the collage of broken pieces / the cordoned -off and boarded up / a retort to the functioning world / psychic life leaps from the illusory into something touchable / step out of place, purposely / the sense of a jetty hanging over nowhere /

space demarcates for unknown actions / ruin is the perfect habitat for fear and wonder, a stone’s throw from the functioning world / I can crouch where structures reshape in mutable dreamscapes / I curate a collection of of disjunctions and hanging air / my slow translations remake every day / dismantle to recover / scaffold / certain movements, internal /

rags on wire / valedictory signals / viaducts like a series of ancient caves / remoteness within / manoeuvre towards / a psyche estate, a system magic / where exile treasure / opens like an illuminated manuscript /