Other work

In this section, you’ll find work by Campbell beyond recorded music. Informed by concrete, post-industrial ruin, urban wastelands and how these shape¬†the psyche, Campbell looks at ways to bring these explorations to life in different mediums that complement and offset her music, re-purposing derelict or unusual spaces, creating immersive events, installations, video shorts and writing articles.

Retreat Or Danger?

A residency by LoneLady in the Recording Studio in the Barbican Art Gallery, 6th-10 July 2015. The project was about the mental states induced by concrete.

The Utilitarian Poetic

An installation by LoneLady in association with the Manchester Modernist Society, as part of Love Architecture Festival 15-24th June 2012.

Shutters Down!

Shutters Down! is an experimental club night celebrating urban wilderness and the repurposing of derelict space.