Other work

In this section, you’ll find work by Campbell beyond recorded music. Informed by concrete, post-industrial ruin, urban wastelands and how these shape the psyche, Campbell looks at ways to bring these explorations to life in different mediums that complement and offset her music, re-purposing derelict or unusual spaces, creating immersive events, installations, video shorts and writing articles.

Scrub Transmissions

Scrub Transmissions is an occasional ongoing installation project in which I mortar an mp3 device into the fabric of a structure, somewhere in the city or its outskirts. A rumination on the built environment, a discreet intervention. The mp3 continuously loops a piece of music unavailable to hear anywhere else. Entombed, the music falls silent when the battery dies, and becomes an artefact / a relic / a piece of rubbish.

Shutters Down!

Shutters Down! is an experimental club night celebrating urban wilderness and the repurposing of derelict space.

Retreat Or Danger?

A residency by LoneLady in the Recording Studio in the Barbican Art Gallery, 6th-10 July 2015. The project was about the mental states induced by concrete.