The Utilitarian Poetic

an installation by LoneLady in association with the Manchester Modernist Society, as part of Love Architecture Festival 15-24th June 2012.

A discrete intervention in concrete. A rumination on how the built environment affects the psyche; redefining sites of beauty.

Using quick drying mortar, LoneLady embedded an MP3 player into the fabric of concrete slip road just beneath the Mancunian Way motorway, leaving just the input socket exposed for the listener to plug her/his headphones and listen to new music looping. A solitary experience, inhabiting a forlorn patch of ground, poorly lit, strewn with broken glass, weedy, undesirable.

Magic transformation in the alchemical concrete. I have come to internalize the hard, reciprocal echo of space and surface, the crumbling outskirts and overlooked wastes of the city.

Entombed in wall, the music falls silent when the battery dies, and becomes an artefact / a relic / a piece of rubbish. It will remain there for an unknown length of time / until the structure is demolished; an installed topography of the interior, impermanent yet permanent.

shadowy tup  tup2 IMG_0277 IMG_0385 shadowy tup2 556241_10151068428965625_204532599_n mortar and headphones 168857_10151068429145625_1812082941_n   IMG_0295