1. A1 Immaterial
  2. B1 XY

Immaterial 7-inch single + download released 2010



Back cover



And I’m in a waking dream;
Skull adventures on repeat.
Eyes describe ‘all is cement’
I am estranged, walking away
from lustre and words.
Its only emotion.

Immaterial. Its Immaterial.

Played on empty motorway
can the twilight of my face
carve inland to permanent?
I can explain, I can’t pray.
Want limitless breath
Its only a motion.

Immaterial. Its Immaterial.

(always looking for his eyes)

Sat on steps in the usual gale, it was unbearable.
Pierced by sunlight, child-clothed
I thought I was immortal.
Always looking for his eyes.
Song or soul
its Immaterial.

(its immaterial)


This is a crime. Born an XY.
Task is high-pitched. It’ll get you gun-gunned down. Gunned down.

Not-not thunder. Of war-horror.
Just a single whisper. Of threat implied. Implied, of threat implied.

Lovingly, women stand around. Exposed.
The’yre just an elegy, an elegy.

A repetitive note. Gun-gun-gunned down.
If I’m dumbed-down, you’re no better, no better.
You’re no, no better.

We’re all Frankies now.
We’re all Frankies now.
We’re all Frankies now.
Where is Frankie now?

Gun-gunned down. In the throes.
This is XY. I committed a crime.
I committed a crime. I co-committed a crime.
I committed a crime. XY, XY.